There for the taking – FINAL ASSIGNMENT


I love abstract shapes in architecture. I am at my happiest tilting, shifting, bending and crouching to get a creative unexpected tight framed image of a building or architectural feature.

The National Gallery of Australia in Canberra is a great example of how, with a determined eye, much can be seen just as wonderful as that hanging on the walls.

This small gallery is an example of what can be found on a quick walk through the art space.

There are a multitude of possibilities to highlight a structure and fall of natural light, if  you take the time to look.

There are a variety of presentation options, I have three below for your viewing pleasure, which do you prefer?


  1. individual images



_P4A4679 - Copy

_P4A4682 - Copy


_P4A4678 - Copy




2.   collage



3.  slideshow



This slideshow requires JavaScript.



















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