This time its final

This journal is packed with notes on the development processes applied towards submission of the final assessment task.

The premise from the Photo Essay studies is images in a story should

  • create comparison, contrast, drama, narrative, or a sense of action;
  • words to add details that the images alone cannot communicate; and,

the principle from Photography and Social Media studies is a theme should have in common

  • design and composition – repetition, texture, colour or leading lines.
  • subject matter – urban landscape, nature, portrait, family and pets or commercial.
  • technical – monochrome, black and white, shallow depth of field.
  • creative – abstract or manipulated.

I’ve been torn between the concepts and photographed diligently to build an archive for both in this blog journal.

I’ve decided on theme and to deconstruct a building whose purpose is to display works of art, in order to show it as a work of art itself.

Using elements of space and shapes and effect of light on them, I created a series from my curiosity, patience and considered viewing of the National Gallery of Australia.

I really hope it ”communicates visually and verbally on social media platforms,” and shows I can “share images more confidently with others using digital tools.”

It’s tense when you commit – figure detail from Auguste Rodin’s Burghers of Calais           Sculpture Garden NGA Canberra
*header image from UTAS Photography and Social Media banner

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